Ongoing Drupal Website Audit

Drupal website audit

As Drupal site owners, site builders and operators we always try to improve security, performance and configuration of our Drupal site(s). This can be done by using checklists. Traditionally this is done manually. We access thel website and check the Drupal status page, and the important configurations. Typical checks include modules update status, check of Drupal core, cache settings, etc.

Automized audit, every 2 minute

With Drupal website audits are done automatically. Currently fires almost 20 checks every two minutes. Each check returns OK (all is fine) or NOK (something is not ok) together with a severity value - we call this "check problem score". The concept is simple yet powerful. Every check returns a problem score (e.g. 0.5, 1, 3). All "check problem scores" sums up to the "site problem score" (e.g. 5.5). The "site problem score" is just one aggregated number, the result of the audit. The lower the number, the better. Ideally it's 0.

Example: Last cron run check takes the variable "cron_last" and compares it with the current time. If the last cron run timestamp is older than 1 hour it add 1 point to the site problem score. It's kind of best practice to at least run cron every hour.

Example: Drupal core version check checks the sites drupal core version and compares it with the latest release from If your site is not updated to the latest Drupal core version, it adds 3 points to the site problem score.

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