ZERO! Currently drupalmonitor.com is for free. We will switch to a freemium model soon.

Drupal Monitor helps you maintain and monitor your Drupal website(s). You save a lot of time! You get insights you've never had before.

The Drupal problem score is a number 0 or greater. The greater the worse. The number indicates how severe the problem(s) are on a specific Drupal site. The Drupal problem score concept is taken from the well know mechanism of SpamAssasign.

1. You need to have an account on www.drupalmonitor.com.
2. Download and install the drupalmonitor connector module on http://drupal.org/project/drupalmonitor and install it on your site.


drush dl drupalmonitor
drush en drupalmonitor_connector

Yes. Data security is very important to us.
Your monitored data is stored in one central database and several rrd's (round robin databases).

Use the same rules as when you apply a password.

We are netnode, a swiss based Drupal development company. Check out our team www.netnode.ch.

Drupalmonitor.com supports D7 and as soon as D8 is stable, it will be supported. [INFO] D6 support is currently unsupported.

Please check the following:

1. Go to your websites permission page. Look for "Access the Drupalmonitor API". Enable the checkbox for anonymous users. Note: The API is still secured by a hash, so it's not actually readable by the public.
2. On your website, go to /admin/config/system/drupalmonitor and compare the hash with the hash in your hash on drupalmonitor.com.